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Adam Perold, CEO and Co-Founder, Element, Inc.

“Swati is a pleasure to work with. She brings a thoughtfulness to role requirements and sourcing that yields a constant pipeline of high quality introductions, and high conversion rates. Swati would be a valued partner to any company / team. I look forward to working with Swati much more.”


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Tyler Muse, CEO and Founder, Lingo Live

"Swati came referred to me and brought us our VP of Marketing using her quality over quantity recruiting methodology.  Swati's consultative style and insistence on valuing both her time as well as ours not only produced results but also helped me and my team save a precious, limited resource for a rapidly growing startup - time.  While we didn't move forward with another search due to an internal promotion, Swati found us several high quality VP of Customer Success candidates.

If you have a startup focused on high quality talent, Swati holds herself to such a high bar that you won't be disappointed in the candidates she does present to you."


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Menaka Chang, Director of HR, CB Insights

"I work at a rapidly growing startup committed to developing its people.  I found Swati while looking to partner with an L&D vendor to provide custom content for our leadership team.  She was a joy to work with as she learned as much as she could about our organization to tailor the content and even included workbooks for each session.  Managers were able to apply their learnings on the job immediately.  I'd highly recommend working with her!"


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Shanya Fernando Perera, Vice President of Marketing and PR, Marc Fisher Footwear

"Human Results came to the rescue on short notice and put together a customized 2.5-hour workshop for my team's offsite.  Two marketing brand teams were coming together through a merger and it was critical for us to learn about each other's work and communication styles and how to leverage our strengths to work better together for a busy season ahead.

We walked out of the session with increased self-awareness and a better understanding of our colleagues.  Most importantly, we had action items we implemented immediately that set our team up for success.  My team found the workshop valuable and not only have I recommended Swati and Human Results to colleagues, but I recommend them without hesitation to others seeking personalized people solutions."


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JAVIER LAFIANZACEO, HOBY (Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership)

“Swati stepped into a challenging situation with HOBY.  Inspired by HOBY, but with limited HOBY experience, Swati accepted a critical leadership role for HOBY’s NY Metro chapter.  Through her skills and innovative ideas, Swati succeeded in recruiting and retaining amazing volunteers and increasing HOBY NY Metro’s fundraising.  Because of Swati’s leadership, volunteer management and fundraising, she left this chapter with a level of financial and volunteer resources they had not had for many years.  I highly recommend her for any project that entails personal contact, volunteer management and/or fundraising.  She is an excellent leader, team-member and role model.”