Experience garnered from startups, growth, and established companies over 20+ years

Employers for whom    Swati D. Doshi    worked 40+ hours/week in sales and/or HR roles.

MakE Talent your Competitive Advantage

We coach critical talent hungry to self-actualize their potential, build high-performing teams from the ground up, and partner with HR Leaders and their stakeholders to increase alignment and support a collaborative culture that drives everyday working behavior.

We partner closely with our clients to execute deliverables on a project fee basis or retainer model.

Human Results partners with Investors, Founders, C-Suite, and HR executives who offer products or services that better our world or who inspire us to care deeply about their success.  Growth companies revolutionizing healthcare, education, people development, the environment, and technology are our ideal clients.

Our clients know the following to be true when working with Human Results:

  • Finding talent is about playing the long game. It's better to have an opening stay open than filling it with sub-par talent. We dig deep and only present candidates we'd partner with ourselves. Quality over Quantity is a motto we live by.

  • Growing talent is easier when your people are hungry to learn and want to self-actualize their potential. A consistent investment in 1:1 and/or group coaching is the fastest way to yield better results while also increasing employee satisfaction. Our training workshops are designed to create common language and community so learnings can be applied to the work at hand.

  • Keeping talent becomes a lot easier when there's alignment in areas such as purpose, vision, mission, and values and a healthy corporate culture that consists of transparency, appreciation, good intentions, and timely feedback.

Tap into People Pattern Recognition skills developed through Sales, Coaching and recruiting Roles


Raise the bar using our personalized coaching methodologies and people operations practices

Connector, Coach, and Consultant, Swati D. Doshi, believes one size does not fit all. That's why she's an expert in numerous coaching methodologies and HR best practices.  That breadth of knowledge enables her to offer bespoke solutions that are tailored to her clients' needs.

Whether you are part of a growth organization or an established company, it's rare for one person to hold expertise in all of the functional areas within People Operations.  When deadlines are tight and growth is rampant, it's important to partner with resources you trust and have the expertise you my have in-house.  This is why Swati curated a best-in-class network of Coaches and HR experts who have experience across a breadth of industries from Advertising and Finance to Healthcare and Retail. 

We're better connected and better together -  learn more on how to partner with Human Results below:



People are the lifeblood of a company and essential to its success.  

We’re experts in human psychology — garnered through sales, recruiting, coaching, and learning & development at companies like the Gap, Accenture, Johnson & Johnson, Google, CB Insights and Marc Fisher. 

Learning agility, inherent versus acquired skills, and the intersection of an individual’s purpose and a company’s mission take center stage at Human Results. Whether recruiting, developing, or engaging top talent, we support the full lifecycle of an employee’s journey during the growth stages at your company.



Group facilitation enables dynamic and evolving companies to overcome organizational challenges and create new business opportunities. 

No person is an island.  Breakthrough moments happen when employees work through collective challenges together.  Honest and transparent conversations uncover blindspots.  Knowledge transfer leads to innovation.  When barriers are broken the unknown becomes known.  




Realize the full potential of your rising stars.  Whether it's on-boarding new employees, up-skilling new managers, or supporting outstanding performers, an external coach enables employees to surpass what they can do on their own. 

Working together, we connect the dots between physiology and mindset to performance in the workplace.  We've studied leading performance, productivity, and management frameworks and we'll curate the right mix for your employees.  We view this as a partnership and a journey to create plans and accountability to transform their impact on your business.


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