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Adam Perold, CEO and Co-Founder, Element, Inc.

“Swati is a pleasure to work with. She brings a thoughtfulness to role requirements and sourcing that yields a constant pipeline of high quality introductions, and high conversion rates. Swati would be a valued partner to any company / team. I look forward to working with Swati much more.”


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Tyler Muse, CEO and Founder, Lingo Live

"Swati came referred to me and brought us our VP of Marketing using her quality over quantity recruiting methodology.  Swati's consultative style and insistence on valuing both her time as well as ours not only produced results but also helped me and my team save a precious, limited resource for a rapidly growing startup - time.  While we didn't move forward with another search due to an internal promotion, Swati found us several high quality VP of Customer Success candidates.

If you have a startup focused on high quality talent, Swati holds herself to such a high bar that you won't be disappointed in the candidates she does present to you."


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Menaka Chang, Director of HR, CB Insights

"I work at a rapidly growing startup committed to developing its people.  I found Swati while looking to partner with an L&D vendor to provide custom content for our leadership team.  She was a joy to work with as she learned as much as she could about our organization to tailor the content and even included workbooks for each session.  Managers were able to apply their learnings on the job immediately.  I'd highly recommend working with her!"


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Shanya Fernando Perera, Vice President of Marketing and PR, Marc Fisher Footwear

"Human Results came to the rescue on short notice and put together a customized 2.5-hour workshop for my team's offsite.  Two marketing brand teams were coming together through a merger and it was critical for us to learn about each other's work and communication styles and how to leverage our strengths to work better together for a busy season ahead.

We walked out of the session with increased self-awareness and a better understanding of our colleagues.  Most importantly, we had action items we implemented immediately that set our team up for success.  My team found the workshop valuable and not only have I recommended Swati and Human Results to colleagues, but I recommend them without hesitation to others seeking personalized people solutions."


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JAVIER LAFIANZACEO, HOBY (Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership)

“Swati stepped into a challenging situation with HOBY.  Inspired by HOBY, but with limited HOBY experience, Swati accepted a critical leadership role for HOBY’s NY Metro chapter.  Through her skills and innovative ideas, Swati succeeded in recruiting and retaining amazing volunteers and increasing HOBY NY Metro’s fundraising.  Because of Swati’s leadership, volunteer management and fundraising, she left this chapter with a level of financial and volunteer resources they had not had for many years.  I highly recommend her for any project that entails personal contact, volunteer management and/or fundraising.  She is an excellent leader, team-member and role model.”

One-to-One Coaching Testimonials


Mike Bruni, EngineerING EXECUTIVE


"It was easy to build trust with Swati as I knew she cared.  I'm most appreciative of her understanding of Engineers and how we work.  Her prior experience with tech companies enabled her to bring new solutions I was able to implement in our organization. 

When I encountered re-occurring or novel non-tech [people] challenges, working with Swati helped increase my thinking/breadth of perception thereby enabling me to deploy new strategies and tools to work towards solutions.  

Engineers on my team attended her leadership training workshops which was invaluable for both first-time and experienced managers.

I would not hesitate recommending Swati to Engineers seeking a Coach to support them with non-technical skills."

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GILLIAN WATSON, Director of Operations, eSalon (acquired by Henkel)

“A year of working with Swati has helped me improve two fold as a manger. She took the time up front to get to know me through conversation and assessments. This fueled every session after that by coming back to my personality, core values and strengths/weaknesses. This made our sessions so impactful because they were tailored to helping me be successful as an individual.

Swati would encourage me to really dive deep into what I was feeling and then push me to act on it. Although our conversations were not always comfortable for me, I moved from saying “I don’t know” most meetings to coming up with my own action plans. Some of these action plans involved conflict resolution in which Swati helped hold me accountable for hard conversations. This was something that I had always struggled with and now feels like second nature. She taught me to practice and flex my management muscles in ways I had not done previously. This even translated into my personal life. Overall, this gave me a different perspective on how I handled work situations and managing different types of people.

Swati was even more helpful in guiding me through “startup” life. She has so much experience that she can offer advice and help see a bigger picture. It gave me a new viewpoint on office life. She was always encouraging and was always available to offer feedback. I now have so many new tools that I can use for the rest of my career. In the end, I feel like I have started to think in a different way about situations overall. I continuously try to practice these things every day. Swati is a great asset for new and experienced managers alike. Although I had been successful in my career, she helped me grow farther in a short period of time and believe in the goals I envisioned for myself.”


Victor Sowers, Former Senior Director of growth and Sales Operations, CB Insights


"Why I wanted a Coach:  Helping CB Insights grow from 20 to 150+ people has forced me to grow, adapt, and constantly improve in order to stay ahead of my team's growing responsibilities. I found it was easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and let too much time pass without intentional self-reflection and strategic thinking both about how to improve my personal performance and how to navigate my career to create more and more impact.

Why Swati?  Swati gets it. She's been immersed in tech and helped others across a range of software and technology startups in fast growth environments. Her work helping executives deal with common issues and questions such as balancing long-term strategy with relentless short term execution, hiring and growing their teams, and navigating common organizational challenges brings a valuable perspective to each conversation and makes our time together incredibly efficient.

On top of that Swati is a good listener, asks intelligent questions, always operates from a broader contextual understanding, and isn't afraid to be honest and direct. I always find value from how she combines frameworks, real world examples, and individualized context-specific advice to help you frame and make progress on each given problem. Plus she cares about your outcomes.

Result:  I was confident that working with Swati would be helpful. But I underestimated both how helpful it would be AND maybe more importantly, how quickly it would lead to results. I was already operating at a very high level so I thought the impact would be noticeable but incremental. I'm glad I was wrong. I walked out of our first hour session with actionable ideas to implement at work, a set of questions to reflect on, and a better appreciation for how I would sequence my next 4 weeks. Even better, the pace of those ideas has only grown while the forcing mechanism of knowing I am accountable to her continue to be a powerful catalyst in taking my performance to the next level. The difference is noticeable and my actions are far more strategic. It is and has been a great investment in my future."


Allison Tepley, Founder & CEO, Growth Stacks

"As I started my business, Swati helped me identify the key levers for growth, and eventually scale, and prioritize work against them.

Time is my most limited resource and using the frameworks I outlined with Swati, I have more productive weeks."

Career Coaching Testimonials

“Swati has a gift for understanding a person’s potential. Working with her far exceeded my expectations of structuring a career plan. She pushed me to look more creatively at how to use my skills and experience and helped give me the courage to go after opportunities that had never been on my radar. I’ve never worked with someone who is so relentless at getting people to see what matters to them and how they can actualize their talents. She has a gift.”
— Cory, San Francisco
“Working with Swati has been a true delight. I originally approached her for very specific tactical assistance in transitioning from one job to another. I quickly realized that her approach was very helpful in developing a true long-term strategic plan for my career. She is knowledgeable, attentive, and honest, and I look forward to keep working with her in the future.”
— Matan, New York City
“If you seek help in navigating your next career move, then look no further. Swati is your guide! She put me to work with a series of exercises tailored specifically to my needs. Then Swati put in the work. She keenly listened and broke through routine considerations bringing about a fresh set of ideas that elevated my skills (and career direction) in dynamic ways. Swati worked with me to set my sights on my path ahead, not just the next stop. I am incredibly thankful for her thoughtful process and honest approach. It was just what I needed!”
— Sophie, New York City
Swati is an amazingly insightful, deliberate thinker. She really helped me understand the landscape of opportunities out there and suggested precise, actionable steps I could take to get to where I wanted to go. I feel like she gave me advice for a lifetime!”
— Dhevi, Seattle
Swati was extremely helpful in understanding what is most important for me to achieve in my career and how to pursue those goals. I reached out to Swati for career advice when I was debating between two job offers. It quickly developed into a joined journey, in which Swati helped me clarify my true passions and build the courage to go after them. I highly recommend Swati as she is an amazing coach. She knows how to recognize and focus on the key topics and to help you build the skills and strategy to reach your goals. It was a pleasure working with her.
— Ella, Bay Area
My experience with Swati was incredible! She has a phenomenal way of asking all of the right questions, listening and observing and then helping her clients (me) identify career opportunities to explore that I never thought possible. I have been working for almost 20 years and I have never been passionate about what I do. Swati has helped unlock my passion and helped me focus on realizing that passion through a career I didn’t think was possible. Swati has an incredible way of connecting with people, understanding them, empathizing with them, but also pushing people to do exercises and tasks that are out of your comfort zone. These are the things that really helped me in my search for a career that I am passionate about. You will love working with Swati. She is wonderful and is the best in the business.
— Jon, District of Columbia
Swati has served as a Career Guru to me over the years at Google. She helped me manage project work and team dynamics early in my career. She was amazing at helping me focus on my strengths and goals when I was struggling to reinvent my career. Later, Swati assisted me with transitioning my career upon returning from maternity leave. She approached my situation with positivity and clear direction. I appreciated the time Swati took to really understand my needs and how she was able to help me come up with a plan of action and “connect the dots” for me so that my transitions were successful. It was my pleasure to work with her during a very important time in my life and I am grateful for her efforts.
— Nicole, Morales, New York City
Swati provided me with some great feedback and helped me to see things about myself that I wasn’t able to see on my own. The most significant thing Coach Doshi did for me was that she gave me constructive criticism and a dose of “tough love,” and even though I didn’t enjoy it, it was the best thing for me at the time. Through her coaching, Swati also helped me accept a new career opportunity that was outside of my comfort zone as I was fighting the career pivot and the short-term step backward for the long-term step forward.
— Ryan, Detroit
Swati is someone to whom I attribute a lot of my own success. She has encouraged me to chase my dreams since as far back as I can remember. She helped me cultivate my own sense of what I was passionate about and how to translate that into a career. She connected me professionally with her large professional and social network and taught me the importance of building my own networks. She has an exceptional eye for detail and you can be sure she will always provide you with excellent feedback on your resume!
— Dr. Sapna Doshi, Virginia