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A Career Coach with Recruiting Experience

Swati helps individuals pursue fulfilling careers by leveraging nearly 20 years of experience as an internal/external recruiter and business leader within sales management roles.

Having received her internal coaching intensive certification from Columbia University's Teachers College and Business School, she served as an internal "career guru" at Google for over five years where she helped employees (new grads to VPs) navigate career challenges and opportunities. Swati became Insights-certified and was trained in Jenny Blake's Pivot Method.



There aren't many, if any, coaches in the market with 5+ years recruiting experience for the world's best employer while also serving as a highly ranked internal career advisor and team facilitator. Swati has learned best practices to employ by having garnered nuggets of wisdom through her work across startups, growth companies, and established companies.

Swati has spent over seven years studying the world's best Executive Leaders.


SWATI assessment. The SWATI assessment helps individuals understand their Strengths, Weaknesses, Aptitude, Trepidations/Trust barriers, and Introspection. They've also shared that she has the unique ability to be open yet self-aware which helps them feel more comfortable sharing confidential and sensitive information.

In college, Swati worked as the Class Advisor to GW's Undergraduate Business School Class of 1997 and 1998 and helped several classmates figure out what to major in and she helped them obtain internships and full-time offers at impressive firms such as Accenture and BearingPoint.

Swati's never "applied" for a professional job that she's had. Every opportunity from her internship at BearingPoint during her senior year in college, to working at Accenture, Eli Lilly, Johnson & Johnson, Helomics, and Google came primarily through her networking skills.

Ultimately, Swati decided to step down from her position with Google to launch HumanResults, LLC in 2017.

Helping organizations to optimize productivity, and their employees to reach their potential.


“I was very happy to hear Swati was pursuing Career Coaching since this is a role she played at The School of Business at the George Washington University with many of her peers. Swati created ‘The Road Ahead’ program for rising Juniors so they could better understand career options by hearing from local Executives working across a variety of fields. The program helped many students target relevant internships and select appropriate courses for their last two years in the business school. It was a life changing experience for many of our undergraduates.”
— Professor Patrick McHugh