Swati D. Doshi - Founder

Swati D. Doshi
Connector, Coach & Consultant

Swati D. Doshi began studying HR in 1995 and achieved national level recognition from the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) by 1998.   She believes that creating trusting relationships is the key to success for business leaders.  Swati’s inquisitive nature and desire to understand how individuals add value to an organization have been the key to her successful career in both sales and human resources.  She started Human Results to contribute to organizations and individuals seeking growth and willing to invest in their most valuable asset - people.

Most recently, Swati spent 8 years at Google in North America and India as a Senior Account Executive in digital advertising sales and as  a Global Staffing Lead for revenue generating divisions. As a respected leader and citizen in the Google community, Swati was chosen to offer professional coaching to her colleagues, a role in which she conducted nearly 100 coaching sessions across new graduate hires to those at the VP level.  Her success as an internal coach created additional opportunities to facilitate workshops with Site Reliability Engineers and Sales Executives.  Swati's passion for diversity and inclusion enabled her to be one of the few trainers on Unconscious Bias for all new hires in Google's NYC offices.

Before her time at Google, Swati drove sales for several well-known pharmaceutical companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Lilly, as well as a personalized medicine start-up, Helomics. This followed Swati’s time as a management consultant at Accenture’s Washington, DC location.

Swati earned her Bachelor of Business Administration at the George Washington University School of Business and an Advanced Project Management certificate at Stanford University.  She has completed her Internal Coaching Intensive through Columbia University’s Teacher’s College and Business School and also received a certification from Insights.

    THE "WE" Behind Human Results

    Since most clients were hiring Swati based on her reputation and Google experience, she selectively curated a network of Coaches and HR Specialists she'd feel comfortable recommending as full-time employees to clients. 

    Every independent contractor in the Human Results network brings their own expertise to our shared passion for helping organizations grow with and through their most valuable asset - their people.  What makes us unique is our diversity of experiences, our niche specialties, and the ability to seamlessly collaborate to meet the needs of our clients. 

    Human Results' clients have the opportunity to benefit from the breadth and depth of Swati's selectively curated network that spans a few generations with expertise in industries such as Advertising, Aerospace, Entertainment, Finance, Healthcare, and Retail.

    MakE Talent your Competitive Advantage

    We coach critical talent hungry to self-actualize their potential, build high-performing teams from the ground up, and partner with HR Leaders and their stakeholders to increase alignment and support a collaborative culture that drives everyday working behavior.

    We partner closely with our clients to execute deliverables on a project fee basis or retainer model.

    Human Results partners with Investors, Founders, C-Suite, and HR executives who offer products or services that better our world or who inspire us to care deeply about their success.  Growth companies revolutionizing healthcare, education, people development, the environment, and technology are our ideal clients.

    Our clients know the following to be true when working with Human Results:

    • Finding talent is about playing the long game.  It's better to have an opening stay open than filling it with sub-par talent. We dig deep and only present candidates we'd partner with ourselves.  Quality over Quantity is a motto we live by.
    • Growing talent is easier when your people are hungry to learn and want to self-actualize their potential.  A consistent investment in 1:1 and/or group coaching is the fastest way to yield better results while also increasing employee satisfaction.  Our training workshops are designed to create common language and community so learnings can be applied to the work at hand.
    • Keeping talent becomes a lot easier when there's alignment in areas such as purpose, vision, mission, and values and a healthy corporate culture that consists of transparency, appreciation, good intentions, and timely feedback.

    “Swati’s passion for HR was evident when she was my student back in 1996. I seldom let undergraduate students into my graduate level courses, but Swati was an exception excelling in my management courses.  In addition, she revitalized GW’s local SHRM chapter and earned national recognition for her commitment to the field of HR.  It’s nice to see Swati in an HR advisory role since very few undergraduate students show such zeal for their field of study. “ 
    — -Patrick McHugh, Associate Professor of Management