Our Values

CARING, we either give a damn or we won't take on the work:

Our primary driver is that we need to care about the leaders who run an organization or the value our clients deliver to their customers.  Yes, we're partial to those who come referred to us or to companies operating in healthcare, education, human connections/development, or anything that makes our environment better or can enable world peace!

CURIOSITY, may kill a cat but certainly not us:

Be prepared, we're nosy and like to ask questions!  Curiosity is what enables us to build breadth in our knowledge and because we care, we go deep and either already have or build the required expertise to drive results. 

We're constantly seeking to understand so we can build bespoke solutions to fill your needs. We're #cleverlycurious!

TGP (trust, growth, and partnership):

Trust is a foundation required for any successful long-term relationship. 

Growth, both personal and professional, is what we live for at Human Results and it's why our clients hire us.  We stretch ourselves and we challenge our clients to get comfortable with the uncomfortable so growth goals can be surpassed.

Partnerships are the vehicles needed for goals to be accomplished.  No company/individual is an island, we all operate in an ecosystem so working collaboratively yields better results.

ACE (align and commit to expectations):

Without alignment and commitment to agreed upon expectations, it becomes hard to earn and build trust.  Confidence increases for all parties since the ACE process creates a built-in system to assess integrity at various stages of a working relationship.


We bring together the latest research with our values to improve satisfaction and performance