Awareness. Behavior. Communication.

Manage Talent with Methodology


Talent is only valuable when it’s recognized. Effective management is the key to leverage value for optimal productivity.

Skill sets must be strategically utilized, otherwise, they go to waste. Human Results, LLC specializes in assessing the individual talents, skills, and strengths at the core of your organization’s most valuable assets: its people. We develop and implement strategic plans to facilitate the changes your people need.


Our team understands how people think. We have expertise in the science to guide your employees to make productive changes in psychology and physiology.


Human Results utilizes software to identify, develop, and leverage talent within your workforce. As a Certified Partner of The Predictive Index, we help you understand how your people think and work.

Our team guides each of your employees through a self-awareness journey to transform your organization.

WE’ve worked with

Employers for whom    Swati D. Doshi    worked 40+ hours/week in sales and/or HR roles.

Raise the bar using our personalized PEOPle OPERATIONS PRACTICES and coaching methodologies

Harmonized relationships create extraordinary results.

Harmonized relationships create extraordinary results.


Your people fuel your company.

Human Results leverages expertise in psychology, coupled with access to Workforce Analytics technology that has passed over 500 validity/reliability studies to decode human complexity.

We understand agility, inherent vs. acquired skills, and where an individual’s purpose meets a company’s mission.

That’s our value proposition across recruitment, development, and engagement of top talent. Our team supports the entire employee lifecycle throughout all stages of your company’s growth.

Leverage the pillars of physiology, mindset, and business strategies to level up performance.

Leverage the pillars of physiology, mindset, and business strategies to level up performance.


Identify the talent and rising stars within your organization. We enable your workforce to reach its full potential through honest and transparent communication, within both group and individual (one-on-one) settings. Human Results will guide your employees to overcome challenges and capitalize on new business opportunities, as knowledge is a key to innovation.

Coaching provides an interactive, dynamic environment that facilitates breakthroughs, growth, and development. Barriers must be broken down before they can be understood.

Whether it’s onboarding employees, up-skilling new managers, and/or supporting growth of outstanding performers, our coaches will enable your employees to both recognize needs/opportunities, and implement appropriate changes.

Our deep knowledge across performance, productivity, and management will help connect the dots between psychology and physiology to optimize performance in the workplace, transforming your business.